5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Scout Popcorn

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Scout Popcorn

It’s fall again. The kids are back in school and all over America, you’ll find Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts set up in front of grocery stores, hardware shops, and restaurants, selling popcorn. You may also find them going door to door with a wagon full of popcorn behind them. Not only is this a vital fundraiser for these local scouting units and councils, but it’s a  So here are five reasons you should buy scout popcorn this fall.

1. When You Buy Scout Popcorn, You Fund Life-Changing Program

Whether it be earning their way to Scout Camp, funding the purchase of needed program supplies for their pack, or pay for that high adventure trek – the programs that scouts receive change their lives for the better.Whether it be making them more likely to go to college, get a better job, or be a contributor to their community – the Scouting program teaches young men to be leaders. It teaches them to set goals, and reach those goals. Best yet, they’re learning to pay their own way.

They’ll learn a wide variety of skills that will last them the rest of their lives. For starters, they’ll learn to cook their own meals and clean up after themselves. They’ll also explore careers and hobbies through their advancement programs. And they’ll learn to remain calm in an emergency. Our scouts save lives.

And above that, they’ll learn values. They’ll learn the value of reflecting on ideals, like those presented in the Scout Oath and Law. They’ll learn the importance of making the right ethical choices. The scouting program teaches kids the benefits of helping others, doing their best, and working as a team.

Because that’s what you’re getting when you buy Scout Popcorn. What other snack-food purchase could possibly give you all of those benefits?


2. You’ll Help Them Learn Salesmanship

buy scout popcorn

How can you say no to this face? Photo by shawncampbell

Salesmanship is one of the most important skills we can learn in our lives. We’re selling our whole lives. At some point, selling became a dirty word, but at its base, it’s just using the power of your words to convince another person that something we have will help them.

On a job interview, we’re trying to convince a potential employer that hiring us will benefit their company – even if that job has nothing at all to do with sales.

It’s hard to ask someone we don’t know to do… anything. But it’s a skill that we all need to develop in order to be successful in life. And interacting with you in a positive way, even if you don’t buy anything, is giving them a valuable learning experience. Of course, if you do decide to buy something, all the better.

Feel free to ask them questions about what they’re selling. Ask them what their favorite flavor is. Maybe also take a minute or two to ask them what they like most about Scouting.

The exercise of developing their sales pitch, giving you the benefits of buying, addressing your concerns, and talking to you in an open and friendly manner will help them build this valuable skill.

3. You’ll Help Them Build Confidence

The fear of rejection can be a tremendous limiting factor in our lives. It can hold us back and prevent us from reaching our fullest potential. The biggest part of accomplishing anything worthwhile in your life is the belief that you can. The idea that someone will buy what you’re selling is a tremendous confidence booster.

And if that someone isn’t mom or dad, or an aunt or an uncle, but someone they’ve never met, it’s all that much more powerful. This mom’s Facebook comment says it all.

You being friendly makes a huge difference. Your friendliness in talking to a young scout can help him to overcome shyness, help get him out of his shell, and help him build confidence. For me, that’s the best part of buying popcorn from a scout. Even better than the product itself.

4. You’ll Help Spread Scouting to More Families

In order for a child to benefit from the scouting program, they first have to join the program. They need to be recruited into the program and have that program run by the highest quality, best-trained leaders available. When you buy scout popcorn, a portion of the proceeds goes to support local Scout councils, whose job this is. They, in turn, provide support in starting new scouting units and recruiting new scouts into the program. In addition, they also provide financial assistance to ensure that no child is denied the scouting program because of a families financial need.

They also train leaders to make sure that scouts get a safe, exciting, quality program.


5. And oh yeah, You’ll Get a Great Product

As I’m writing this, I’m enjoying a bag of caramel corn that my wife bought from a Cub Scout selling in front of our local Target this weekend. I like it. You will too.

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Our Favorite Cub Scout Popcorn Sales Videos

Our Favorite Cub Scout Popcorn Sales Videos

One of the keys to online popcorn sales is connecting with your customers. Letting them know why they should buy popcorn from your scout. Letting them know what their purchase will help your scout do. Not only are they getting a pretty tasty product (my wife just brought home some caramel corn from bought at a show and sell outside our local Walmart), but they’re supporting a young person getting a life-changing program. Ideally, you’re looking to make sales to friends and family who live in areas where delivering product to them yourself isn’t practical. Creating great Cub Scout popcorn sales videos can really help increase your sales.

Here are a few of my favorites to give you some ideas to get going.


The Commercial

If this young man ever winds up as a news anchor, you’ll see where he got his start. This one takes a little more technical skill to pull off, but a picture of a Tiger and some popcorn is always a winner.

The Straightforward Ask

This one takes a lot less technical know-how, but can be just as effective.

The Campaign Video

Here’s another cute one. It starts with a lot of great program pictures and ends with a good sales pitch. The campaign message at the end is very endearing.


The Behind-the-Scenes Video

Sheldon’s pretty awesome. The soundtrack reminiscent of “This Old House” helps too.

Sing a Song

These two Cub Scouts (and their little sister) will amuse and entertain you in a video where the cuteness jumps off the screen. They’ve also got a pretty awesome popcorn website.


Movie Trailer

If you’ve got an iPhone, then you’ve got a movie studio in your pocket. This video was made using the iMovie app. You don’t need a lot of technical skill to pull off something like this, just a lot of imagination.

Make Your Own Cub Scout Popcorn Sales Videos

If you’ve got a cell phone with a video camera, you can make a pretty good popcorn video. They also make lavalier microphones that will hook right up to your cell phone, so that your Cub Scout’s words can be heard clearly.

If your phone doesn’t take great video, you can get the video cameras that won’t break the bank. Or, if you’re going for a little more advanced, you can opt for a video camera with an external microphone.


If you’re just doing a plain, scout looks into the camera video, then you probably won’t need any special video editing software. But if you’re looking to be a little more elaborate. They also help if you need to do more than one take.

If you’ve got an Apple product, you can use iMovie. Unfortunately, on a PC, the good ol’ Windows Movie Maker has been discontinued, but there are some good free alternatives out there, of which Shotcut is probably the best. If that doesn’t work for you, I use Movavi Video editor, which is a paid software. Use promo code “SCOUT” at checkout, and you’ll save 10%.

Once you’ve got your video complete, make sure to share it with friends and family on Facebook.

Make Sure Your Video Includes

  • The link to your Scout’s online selling page (also in the description)
  • Some of the activities your Scout does during the year
  • A brief description of some of the products your Scout likes
  • Make sure to follow the BSA’s social media guidelines.
  • As tempting as it may be, don’t use copyrighted music in your videos. Audio jungle will give you royalty free music for as little as $1.

Creating great Cub Scout popcorn sales videos can help your scout increase their sales, and help to grow your pack’s revenue. You can reach customers you would otherwise miss, and the best part is, you can have a lot of fun with your scout while doing it!

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GivingGrid – The Cool Visual Fundraiser

GivingGrid – The Cool Visual Fundraiser

I love finding cool stuff – especially cool ways of raising money. This past week I stumbled across GivingGrid and, man, I think it’s cool. When I saw GivingGrid, I literally let out an audible yell. As a professional fundraiser, this is the exact sort of thing I was looking for over the better part of a decade.

It’s a fun, zero-cost way for you to raise money and immediately provide public recognition to donors. An individual donor can put up their picture. A company can put up their logo.

GivingGrid was founded in 2015 with the idea of moving donors to the forefront. “As we looked around at what was already available, we saw a lot of good companies, doing good things, but they all looked the same. They’re all about the cause and a goal, which is important, but the donors and other supporters are more in the background. GivingGrid puts both right up front. The cause is why we’re all here, but the supporters are the ones who make the magic happen. They’re equally important to the campaign’s success, ” says Dan Hoffman, CEO of 2CC and General Manager of

How GivingGrid Works

You start by creating an account at their website, which you can reach here. Then you can start your first fundraiser.


For mine, I decided to set one up for the Norwich Rotary Foundation, where I serve on the board. The foundation is a 501 (c) 3, and that’s one of the options. You can also choose to do one for schools, churches or other religious organizations. It also gives you the option of setting up a GivingGrid for organizations you are a member of, or ones that you are not directly associated with. You also have the option of setting one up for yourself personally.

Types of Campaigns

GivingGrid gives you a couple of options when setting up your campaign. You can opt for a standard campaign, a “wall of love” campaign, or a P2P or Peer to Peer campaign.

The standard campaign is pretty straightforward. You set up one grid, and link to it on your website and your Facebook page, etc. When someone makes a donation their picture shows up in the appropriate square.

The  next option is the”Wall of Love“. I think this choice would be perfect for a Memorial Page on your website. It lets you put a special message in your square when you make a donation, and include an individual message.

The final option is the Peer to Peer option. This is a multi-level campaign, where you have multiple people setting up grids. This would work great for larger organizations. You’d need multiple people involved, but the more people you have asking, the better you’re going to do.

Setting up the Campaign

You’ll then get to set your goal. Set your messages, add images or videos, set the color of your squares. Then you write up all the details of your campaign. What are you raising the money for? Who specifically will it go to help? That sort of thing. It also lets you enter offline gifts.

You can even set up thank you gifts if you’d like.

At this point, you’ll need to set up your payment information. If you’re doing it for an organization you belong to, you’ll need to put in your PayPal or WePay information.

It also lets you set start and end dates, and for those nerds like me, you can set up countdown clocks. Because who doesn’t love a good countdown.

Promoting Your GivingGrid Campaign

You can easily add a GivingGrid tab to your Facebook page

So, now that you’re all set up, you can look at the options to promote your campaign. GivingGrid makes it really, really easy to publicize it. First of all, they give you the code to easily embed your grid right on your website, and it updates automatically. You can add it as a tab on your Facebook page, and that automatically updates as well.

It also has a great deal of email automation. You get automatic thank you emails to donors. It also lets you set up period updates for your donors on how the campaign is going.

You can even set it up so that your twitter account automatically tweets out a thank you each time someone makes a gift. How cool is that?

And when you finish up, it even gives you an easy checklist to ensure you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.

The Catch

I’m, by nature, pretty skeptical. So my first question when I saw that charities would keep 100% of the monies raised is, “where are these guys getting the money to run the site and keep the lights on.”

They ask for donations to support themselves. “We apply a unique method where the donor is given the opportunity to add a small contribution for us, in addition to their donation. Think of it as a small tip. If they think we’re providing a valuable service, they give us a little something. If not, they also have the option to make it zero and give us nothing. Sound fair?”

Again, pretty cool.





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