scout campfire skits

Scout Campfire Skits to Get You Ready For Summer


Scout Campfire Skits

It’s almost summer. Time for Scouting groups everywhere to get ready to go to camp. It’s also about the time when den leaders everywhere are thrust into the unwitting role of producers and directors of skits at Day Camps everywhere. Every year at day camp, I’d get hit up by den leaders for skits for their dens to perform. So here’s a few of my favorite¬†scout campfire skits that you can share with your friends.

These are pretty easy to put on without too much in the way of materials, presentation, or memorizing of dialogue. I hope you enjoy them.

Is it Time Yet?

This one works for kids, because it involves a lot of people, doesn’t have any complicated dialogue, and has a punchline that camp newbies won’t see coming.

The Ol’ Invisible Bench Skit.

Another skit that can include a lot of people without a lot of complicated dialogue. That, and since the “prop” is completely imaginary, it’s really easy to set up. Just make sure they’ve got a safe and soft place to land.

The Bandanna / Banana Skit

Real “High Concept” art here. You’ll need a bandanna, and a banana, and two people who can keep a straight face. The key is that the guy with the banana plays it straight. He’s got to play it as if he’s being completely reasonable here. It’s painfully simple, and yet may be my favorite scout campfire skit. It’s all in the acting.

Gotta Go Wee

This one’s borderline gray area… but I’ve always liked it. It’s got a great bait-and-switch.


Movie Director

This one’s pretty good if you’ve got a big group. There’s lots of activity, but it does take a little while to set up.

Jacuzzi Life Guard

The only one on the list I haven’t seen live. I could see this one being a hit. The surreal concept is funny, even without any acting at all – and the concept will play heavily to the hammy nature of most campfire performers.

You’ll need (at least) a couple of strong actors to play “the muggers” in this old favorite. You’ll also need a much smaller person who they are able to safely pick up, and turn upside down. This one isn’t the most intellectual, but will get guttural laughs from kids.

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Campfire Photo by Steve Slater (used to be Wildlife Encounters)

Photo by webhamster

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