Church Websites

Are you looking to grow your congregation? Looking to get younger members? Then you need a church website. One that tells the story of your congregation. One that brings people coming into your doors, and one that keeps your congregation connected.

This is the way that people are going to find out about your church. It’s the first place they’re going to look.

But you also need one that fits your budget – and you need someone to walk you through how to use the thing. Someone who will pick up the phone, or sit down with you and show you how it works with one-on-one, human service.

This is where I come in.

Whether you already have a website, or looking for a new one, I’m here to help.

Some of the features available include:

  • A unique domain name
  • A Blog
  • Online Calendar
  • SEO Support
  • Mailing list integration
  • Photo Galleries
  • Facebook Integration
  • Online Sermon recordings
  • Personal service and step-by-step instruction

Example Site:

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Putnam, Connecticut