Responsive Website Design

Website Design


Let’s talk about website design. In today’s digital age, if your business or organization doesn’t have a website, you don’t exist. If your competition has a website, and you don’t you’ve already lost. And you don’t want a website design that looks like it’s from 1996. You want something that looks modern. You want a website that looks great on people’s phones, tablets and laptops – and one that tells your story.

Your website is how your customers or potential members connect with you. It’s how you show them that you’re worth their time.

But you don’t know where to begin. You’re busy, and you don’t have the time to learn how. I’ll make it easy for you. You provide the content, and I’ll design you a website or blog – and then I’ll meet with you to show you how it all works (if you’re in the Southern New England area, otherwise, we can teleconference.) You’ll be able to pick from multiple themes for your website, and then we’ll work together to get you the functionality you want and need from your website. We’ll work on getting your website hosted, pick a URL (like and then work on what you want your website to say.

Just some of the features we can add to your website

  • Blog
  • Facebook Integration
  • MailChimp / Constant Contact Integration
  • Calendar

And once it’s going, I’ll help you maintain your site. I’ll be there to answer the phone if you have questions – it’s not a helpline on the other side of the planet, but a guy in Connecticut who explain it to you in language you understand.

And you’ll also get my “How to use Facebook to grow your Organization” bonus training just for signing up.

Contact me today, and we’ll get started! You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a professional looking website. I can get you one for much, much less than that. And, you can have a functioning website in a matter of days – not months.